Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: AZULA’s frenzy

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: AZULA’s frenzy

Azula was exultant. The day before, she had been told by her father, Firelord Ozai, that he was stepping down as Firelord, and rising anew as the Phoenix King. This left the position of Firelord open, and Ozai had announced that Azula herself would take his place, something that brought joy to the steely heart of the Fire Nation princess. Tomorrow, he would be heading off to the Earth Kingdom, under the light of Sozen’s Comet, and completely eradicate the insects there with a cleansing fire. It was almost a religious experience, and Azula allowed herself a shrill, girly giggle at the thought of so much power, and that the war would be over with the Fire Nation being the unchallenged rulers of all, as it was always meant to be.

Suddenly, a noise behind her drew her attention. Azula whirled, expecting it to be those two traitors, Mai and Ty Lee, coming to grovel and beg forgiveness. She knew, deep down, she’d accept their apologies…but she’d make them squirm. Oh, how they’d writhe and cower for what they’d done to her. But to her disappointment, it wasn’t them. Instead, she found herself staring into the point of a shiny steel blade, held by one of many Fire Nation soldiers, all of whom had their pikes levelled at her. Seeming as though she didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation, she feigned a yawn, then leaned to the side slightly to stare at the expressionless helmet of the soldier. “Do you mind? I’m trying to manage my hair, and I’m afraid I don’t need a haircut, so you can put your sharp little playthings away.

In truth, Azula was in no way worried about this apparent treachery. Since ZuZu’s banishment, her father had taken to sending small squads of “hitmen”, Fire Nation soldiers who would try to capture the Princess. Just a test to keep Azula on her toes, though it caused her to wonder how long her father had been doing it to Zuko. All of a sudden, Azula was wrenched out of her thoughts but movement; the soldier to her right had faltered and made the first move, a fatal mistake in most circumstances.

The fight was over quickly, but by no means was the Princess merciful about it. There had been seven soldiers, and not a single one still stood. The first lay draped over a chair on the other side of the room, two were leaning against the wall in the corner, scorch marks surrounding them, and soot heavy on areas of their armor. Another two were on what remained of her bed, which had been the first thing to get lit up; she’d take that out of their hides later. Then there was one that had tried to flee, and he had been torched down just outside her doorway. And the last soldier, actually the first one she had noticed, the one who had his pike right in her face, had gotten the brunt of her wrath. The pike was nothing but toothpicks now, the blade jammed deep into his thigh. He had been struck by no less than three of her lightning bolts, so it was a miracle he was still breathing, much less concious. His armor still smoked from the heat of the strikes.

Really, boys, is this the best my father has to send after me? You do know I’m going to be Firelord soon, don’t you?” She cackled evilly, turning back to her dresser just long enough to snatch up her brush, combing her hair as she wandered the littered bodies. “If this is any indication of our troops’ fighting force, it’s a wonder the Fire Nation hasn’t been thoroughly trounced by the rabble out there. When I rule, I’m going to institute some changes to our training techniques, and whoever survives will—

Azula was cut off suddenly by a sharp blow to the back of her head, and she had but a moment before sinking into unconciousness. ‘Damn…I let my guard down…

New Age

Azula slowly came to, head thick with fog and eyes resisting opening. Slowly, though, she forced her eyes open, and everything was blurry for a good thirty seconds before her eyes obeyed her silent command to focus. As images started to sharpen, and the fog in her head thinned, she came to realize she had been brought to the Firelord’s throne room. Indeed, there was Ozai on the throne, behind the wall of flames. Azula frowned slightly; had he really stayed his invasion of the Earth Kingdom just to oversee this last test? And she had failed by getting caught?! Azula found her temper flare, enraged at herself for failing, with her coronation so soon. Surely he would state his disappointment.

Instead, he was silent. Azula fidgeted, and finally noticed how heavy her arms were. She shook them to try and gain some feeling, and immediately heard the telltale rattle of heavy chains. Her fiery temper flared again, and she glared at Ozai through the flames. “Father! I know I’ve lost, are the chains really necessary? I demand you release me at once!” But all she gained was a stony silence in return. So she tried again, switching automatically to her “charming” voice. “Father, these chains are so tight, and I’ve learned my lesson. Please take them off, for me?” Still she was met with silence. Now she was annoyed, and her temper flared once more. “Father, for the last time, get these goddamn ch—

Azula found herself cut off as a tongue of flame flared especially bright, and illuminated Ozai for the first time. He was still garbed in full Phoenix King robes, but what had stilled her tongue was the three spears skewered through his body. One straight through his spine, down through his heart, and the point was buried in the cushions of the throne. The other two were thrust upward through his back, the spear on the right piercing his left lung, the spear on the left piercing the right lung. Blood trickled down all three spears, and it was evident he’d not been dead very long. His eyes were still open, though decidedly glazed over, and a thin trail of blood leaked from the corners of his mouth and ran down his chin.

She couldn’t help it. In an exceedingly rare moment of weakness, she let out a shriek of horror and disgust. For a moment, she knew absolute terror; someone had not only killed the Phoenix King, but had done so recently, and was likely still nearby…and here she was, kneeling about 30 feet away and her arms chained to the floor at her sides. ‘I’m next,‘ was all Azula could think, and she started looking wildly about.

Her head whipped to the side when she suddenly felt a sting in the side of her neck, terrified it was the start of a spear that was going to mimic Ozai’s brutal killing. But the motion of her head caused her hair to lash and dislodge…a dart. One she recognized immediately as the kind used by Lo and Li, her aunts who were wise, and skilled with herbs and alchemy. Her heart sank as she realized she’d been poisoned; with what, she didn’t know, but her feeling of helplessness was merely compounded by that fact.

Well well, sister. I see you’ve become reacquainted with Father,” spoke a voice behind her, quite calmly discussing the dead man on the dias before her. What chilled Azula most, though, was she recognized the voice. Turning as much as she was able, she looked behind her and had her fears confirmed. There stood Zuko, who had been exiled, turned into a wanted fugitive, then brought home as a hero, then left home to join forces with the Avatar, then attacked the Boiling Rock and caused Mai and Ty Lee to betray her.

Instantly her fear was replaced with fury as she started struggling anew with the chains, trying to get up so she could murder him. Then, she decided that was too quick. She’d keep him alive and torture him slowly, spread it out over weeks, maybe months, for what he’d done to Ozai. She snarled, and took in a deep breath, then let loose a blast of her blue fire in his direction. Or perhaps that had been her intent, for all that had actually happened was she blew…a single spark.

Azula’s eyes widened in shock, then narrowed at Zuko, who had wandered around to be standing to her left, slightly in front of where her arm was anchored to the ground. He merely grinned at her, smug in his overwhelming victory. “I see you discovered the effects…it’s a nasty little potion, concocted by Lo and Li. They were most helpful when they found out it was you I was going to poison. And I suppose you’re wondering why I’m doing all this?” From the way he didn’t wait longer than the barest pause, he didn’t expect her to answer, which was fine since all she did was glare venomously at him.

Quite simply, I’m sick of being told what to do…so I’m taking the reins of power.” Suddenly, Zuko was right in her face. “I claim, by right of strength, that I am the new Phoenix King. Do you yield to my authority?” Unsurprisingly, she spit in his face. “I’ll never submit to you.” Zuko laughed at some hidden joke, then motioned a signal at someone behind her. She turned her head and saw in her peripheral a few shadows of people moving…as they neared the light of torches or the light of the fire wall, she saw they were the Dai Li agents she’d obtained in Ba Sing Sei. Still more betrayal! First Lo and Li, and now her “loyal” Dai Li!

Well, little sister, since you refuse to submit, I will simply have to force you. A duel, the winner as the new Phoenix King.” The chains around her wrists lifted up out of the ground, held by the Dai Li, then released her wrists. The agents were too close for her to risk attacking Zuko, at least without her Firebending, so she followed him to the courtyard for the duel. Even without her fire, she felt confident she could beat Zuko, since she’d been taking combat lessons from Mai and Ty Lee (though she’d never admit it to a single living soul).

The courtyard had, evidently, been the site of some combat that had taken place while she was unconcious. Huge craters and chasms had churned the stone tiles underground, or scattered into small piles. The trees were uprooted or smoldering cinders of what they’d once been, and the pond was empty of all water, having either been evaporated or leaked out the crack in the side of the wall.

Azula didn’t know how she knew, but she could tell; this was at least partially done by Zuko. Suddenly that little tickle of fear started up again. If he was this powerful, she might have an actual fight of it. She couldn’t afford to make any mist—. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the gong signalling start of combat, and almost blurringly fast, she’d taken a sharp blow to the side of her chin and her head whipped to the side. She staggered, then went into her fighting stance, facing…empty air.

Zuko had gotten behind her, and she felt him grab her long, beautiful hair, dragging her into the next strike, a sharp jab that didn’t hit hard by itself, but the added movement caused it to make her see stars. And before the last star had faded, she took two quick blows to the stomach that knocked the wind out of her, followed by a sweeping kick that sent her to her hands and knees. And to add insult to injury, he actually had the gall to kick her in the rump, sending her face-first into the dirt, ass still high in the air, one foot planted on her shoulderblades in triumph. “Do you yield?

Never!” Azula snarled, rising to get back into the fight, only to find herself under assault from a flurry of blows so fast she could only track a small fraction of them by sight. Instead, she could only tell where they were by the pain of where they landed, and she threw her hands in front of her face desperately. All that accomplished, though, was providing him with her stomach as a target again, and she went down on her knees again, gasping for air, a cut over one eye causing blood to blur her vision, her lip split.

This time he didn’t even ask, just looked at her. “Never!” she repeated, though her voice wavered with exhaustion. Why was she tired? She’d done nothing but get beaten up so far! He looked over his shoulder at the surrounding Dai Li, and they put their heads together. One of the agents lifted a single finger, and Zuko nodded. He stepped back, letting Azula rise. Her chest heaved with effort, and she glared at Zuko who, in all his cool calmness, was not even winded by the beating he’d doled out so far.

Then, a blur of motion, and instinctively she flinched, which only served to make herself more of a target. This time the blows were landing too fast, all she could do is tell that there was alot of them. It felt like she was being hit by multiple people, not just one man. Finally, she felt her legs swept out from under her and she landed hard on her ass. Her hands went down to push herself back up, and she took a kick to the face, knocking her across the courtyard. When finally the dust settled, Azula just lay there, trying not to look so weak. She was disgusted with herself.

Do you yield?” came the question once more. She actually managed to gather the strength to snarl aloud, and rolled over to glare at him as she swayed and staggered to her feet. In reply, she started her form, drawing upon what limited Chi she could access. After several minutes of Zuko watching with a smirk and a cocked eyebrow, she managed to summon up her lightning, and with a vicious sneer, she launched it at him.

But suddenly, he wasn’t there, and instead was firing his own lightning back at her. She had no strength left to fight it, and she howled with pain as the lightning hit her, coursing through her and setting every nerve alight. Azula could feel herself slipping, and fought as best she could, but a few seconds was all she could take before she blacked out.

When she came to, she was still in the courtyard, but she found herself on her knees again. She groaned despite herself, and instantly she felt rough hands pull her so her wrists were up behind her back, pulled tight, and she was sitting on her heels. Only then did she look down and notice; she was completely naked. A flare of her anger sparked in her eyes, and she glared at the hands holding her, seeing the Dai Li staring straight ahead as impassively as always.

Her gaze followed so she could glare properly at Zuko, but her rage died in surprise and outrage when she saw he had shed his pants, and she found herself looking right into the eye of his cock. She sputtered in impotent rage for a few moments before glaring up at him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Zuko smiled thinly, eyes roaming over her chest rather than looking into her face. “Well, since you refuse to yield, I have to take you by force. You’re to be my first concubine.

Azula’s jaw dropped, and apparently he misinterpreted, as he stepped forward, cock aiming. She shut her mouth with a violent ~snap!~ of her teeth, snarling and baring her fangs as a threat. To her dismay, he didn’t even seem a little phased. Instead, he nodded to the Dai Li behind her. She felt two strong hands grab her hair in big handfuls, holding her head perfectly still. Then, her heart nearly stopped when she felt two fingers jab at two points on her neck, behind and below her jawline and just under her ears.

Her heart nearly stopped because, after those points were hit, her whole jaw went numb. Her heart nearly stopped because she thought back to a time when Ty Lee had been teaching her about pressure points. Those two nerve clusters they’d just hit was one of the earliest ones Ty Lee had shown her; in effect, it not only meant that she couldn’t use even what little Firebending she had to breathe sparks, but the muscles in her jaw were also weakened to nearly a tenth of their usual strength. Ty Lee had been a frequent victim of these points when she had been learning, she told Azula. (Apparently, Ty Lee’s master was a perverted old bat, and had told the girl on the first day that she would submit to him daily until such time as her training allowed her to surpass the master.)

All this flashed through Azula’s head in seconds, but any further thought was cut off by two fingers prying her jaw open. Reflexively, even though she knew it wouldn’t do any good, she tried to close her mouth again, but the barest of pressure was all it took to keep her mouth propped open. She couldn’t thrash her head side to side either, since the agents held her hair tightly. It occurred to her how strong the Dai Li really were, though as Earthbenders that wasn’t too surprising.

Again, she found her thoughts interrupted by something tampering with her mouth, this time it was Zuko, with no foreplay or teasing, simply stepped up to her and jabbed his cock all the way into her mouth. Instantly her stomach folded in on itself as she gagged, choking hard on the sudden presence of eight inches of hard meat poking down her throat. Her lower body lifted up slightly as she heaved, though as a testament to the Dai Li’s physical strength, her head didn’t move. Zuko simply held himself steady as she fought to control her gag reflex, a losing battle since she’d had no time to prepare.

Suddenly she felt the bile rising, and by some miracle of timing, Zuko stepped to the side just as her stomach gave a particularly painful heave, and she felt and tasted the bile as it shot out onto the ground. She coughed and choked, and tears streamed from her eyes at the effort of it all. And somewhere off in the distance, she could hear Zuko’s laughter, as the princess of the Fire Nation, soon to be Firelord, found herself kneeling and naked, beaten, and puking on herself.

She barely had time to catch her breath before Zuko stepped back in front of her, though mercifully he took his time lodging into her throat. Once he was sure she could accomodate him without another repeat of the previous episode, though, he started thrusting his hips powerfully, fucking her throat as though it were her pussy. Azula’s only thoughts were on timing her breaths so she wouldn’t suffocate, and keeping from gagging and choking again. So entangled in her thoughts was she that she didn’t even notice that, after three minutes of throat-rape, he suddenly pulled out.

She only took notice when her breaths no longer smelled like cock, but rather like dirt. She focused on what was going on, and she found the Dai Li had bent her over and placed her chest down on the ground, arms still pinned behind her back, and now one agent holding each leg so she was still kneeling, but couldn’t move her hips more than marginally. Which she did, and tried hard to do more, when she realized Zuko was behind her, getting ready to take her virginity.

Anyone who knew Azula would be surprised to learn she was a virgin, but as everyone knew, she was also a princess, and princesses weren’t sluts. She was an accomplished cocktease, using the vague promises of sex to entice men to do what she wanted, but she’d never actually had sex with anyone but Mai and Ty Lee, and even then it was just them eating her out, then torturing each other sexually to amuse her. She never licked or touched either of them, for she was a princess, and it was all about her own pleasure.

Still, here she was. About to have her virginity stolen, and by her older brother, no less. A traitor to the crown, of the highest order, having killed their father, and beaten her just minutes ago. She felt the head of his shaft touch her pussy, and she couldn’t help herself; a tiny squeak of terror rose up. But to her relief, he pulled away. Several moments of silence later, though, she started to get worried again. “Azula…did you know you’re absolutely soaked? How is it you’re so turned on by the thought of being raped by your brother?

Azula’s mind went blank, as she tried to process what he said. She almost didn’t believe him, until two fingers touched her pussy and she became aware that she really WAS soaking wet. But she couldn’t explain it, and so simply buried her face in the dirt, trying to wish herself dead. That wish turned to panic as his cock pressed again. This time, however, it wasn’t at her pussy, but against her tiny asshole, something she’d never even let Mai do. Ty Lee was allowed only rarely, because she had a wonderful little tongue, but there was no way this cock was going to fit…

Zuko, if you do it, I’ll kill yooooOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!” Her threat trickled off to a howl of pain as he pushed into her. It was only the head, but to Azula it felt like she’d just been stabbed in the ass with a burning tree branch. And it wasn’t stopping, as he pushed into her slowly, but unceasingly. She clenched, tightening her ass, until suddenly she felt another nerve cluster hit, and her whole lower body went numb, both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing, because it meant the pain she felt was now little else than a dull ache. A curse because, with her muscles numb, there was nothing holding his cock back, and the strength he’d been exerting for even his snail’s pace was too much for a sudden resistance-release. His cock slammed into her, and his hips met hers with a loud slapping sound, and even through the numbness Azula could tell her ass had just torn. Tears of pain flowed freely down her cheeks as surely her ass was bleeding now. She was too afraid to look back.

Zuko made no noise other than a soft grunt of surprise at the sudden release of her muscles. Then, he was inside her. He waited for a few moments, to make certain her ass had stretched enough to accomodate, and then started to fuck her hard and fast, as he had with her throat. This stimulation of the muscles was enough to return some feeling to Azula, and they could both feel her ass tightening, the friction getting higher, even lubed by her spit and blood.

Fortunately for Azula, Zuko was apparently pretty worked up, and had been for some time, because the added friction was just enough to make him grunt twice, groan loudly, and bury his shaft deep in her ass. Enough feeling had returned by now, and Azula could feel each jet of cum as it splashed into her intestines. She felt her stomach turn in revulsion as he pulled out and shot a few jets onto her back, and she could feel it settling into her hair.

What almost made her vomit again, however, was when two Dai Li appeared in front of her and, apparently on his orders, proceeded to paste her face with cum. Here she was, princess of the strongest Nation in history, turned into nothing but a little cum dump. Her anger flared anew, and she started to thrash again as he asked her once more “Do you yield?” Fury burning strong in her voice, she glared at him as best she could through the mask of sperm, practically spitting venom as she hissed “Never, you insignificant worm

To her surprise, he actually seemed saddened, his head bowing. “You leave me no other choice then.” Panic started up in her heart again as the Dai Li lifted her bodily, carrying her away.

Town Square

Zuko had made the Dai Li take her, clean her off, and give her a bigger dose of Lo and Li’s poison, completely sealing her Fire. She had raged and ranted, but her fury was nothing but words. The ultimate indignity came when, with a smirk, Zuko himself grabbed a needle and pushed it through her tiny, pert nipples, affixing heavy golden rings. She felt unlike herself, the way she was being treated; she found herself afraid, masking it well with anger, but she could feel it deeply. She was terrified by the new Zuko, and she’d be lying if she were asked if she was turned on and said no. But she knew she would never be able to say yes, for the implications of that were worse than being raped as she was.

And was she. Immediately after piercing her nipples, Zuko had the Dai Li hold her down and take turns. This time, she lost her virginity, and she found she felt even worse about it, because if it had been Zuko, at least it would’ve been royalty. Now though, she was tainted by a peasant’s seed, and had lost her maidenhood.

Azula’s fear flew to entirely new heights, however, when she found herself dragged from the palace, still naked, new rings glittering as her breasts swung back and forth. She thrashed and fought, scratching and kicking as much as she could as they dragged her forcefully to Town Square, and she saw the stockade waiting for her. But the Dai Li were immensely strong compared to her, and she was soon muscled into the heavy iron frame. Tears started when she heard the agent beside her start to shout.

Fuck the town whore! 15 coins a fuck! 10 for her mouth! 5 for her ass!” Azula felt her stomach turn; her ass was worth less than getting her throat raped. And then one brave peasant stepped up, jingling a coinpurse. She didn’t recognize him, but he was spouting some story about how she’d burned down his house a year ago, and left him in the gutter to scrounge for food…the agent didn’t care, so long as his money was real.

Her stomach did another flip when she counted the coins; 15, he was going to fuck her. This filthy peasant was going to fuck her! He went behind her and grabbed her hips, and she tried to fight, but all she succeeded in doing was wiggling her ass enticingly, providing a sexy target for her soon-to-be rapist. She felt his grip tighten, holding her still for the imminent thrust, and then he lunged forward…and speared her ass.

Azula screamed aloud, but the peasant didn’t even give her time to adjust. He pounded at a frenzied pace, and tears flowed down Azula’s cheeks as the man took out his rage, festering for a year or possibly even more, out on the helpless girl trapped before him. Suddenly, he pulled out, and Azula felt her ass flutter, trying to close. Blearily, she looked around as best she could, trying to figure out what had happened, and then there he was in front of her…the Dai Li hit the points on her neck, her jaw went numb…and the peasant started to put his cock in her mouth. Suddenly it occurred to her that he had bought her mouth AND her ass, instead of buying just her pussy. She tried in vain to pull away before she had to taste herself on the man’s shaft…

And woke up with a startled scream, sitting bolt upright in her bed. Sweat was pouring down her body, and she gazed around wildly, trying to get her bearings. She was relieved when she finally realized she was in her bed…but her thoughts went back to her dream immediately. It had been so vivid, almost as though…’A vision of the future!‘ Azula decided. ‘Well, I know how to prevent that from happening…‘ she thought, starting to plot how to remove those who had betrayed her…

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